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826 Valencia

Poetry, Writing


Video Production, Filmmaking, Media

Circus Center

Circus Arts, Performance, Video

City Arts & Tech High School

Painting, Photography, Digital Art, Music Video

First Exposures


Lick-Wilmerding High School

Digital Art, Woodburning, Watercolor, Whiteboard

Queer Ancestors Project

Linocut on Paper

RYSE Center

Digital Art, Music

The Mix at SFPL

Drawing, Watercolor, Animation

YAX Darkroom Photography

Analog 35mm Black & White Photography

YAX Fashion Design

Fashion Design, Embroidery, Upcycling

YAX Illustration: Figures and Comics

Figure Drawing, Character Design, Comics, Animation

YAX Music Production

Beatmaking, Musical Composition, Ableton, Sound Production

YAX Printmaking

Drawings and printmaking, including block printing and screen printing

YAX Public Art Internship

Printmaking, Architecture, Metal Fabrication


Musical Theater