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Circus Center
San Francisco, CA
Circus Center’s mission is to inspire passion for the circus arts through performance, training, and community outreach.  Circus Center's youth performance troupe, the San Francisco Youth Circus, is made up of students from all around the Bay Area who are passionate about circus arts.

Title: Pride Circus

Artist: Directed, filmed, and edited by Yasmina.

Performed by Lucy, Rachel, Montie, and Yasmina

Length: 5:42

Artist Statement:  Heartfelt look into queer youth embracing every part of themselves and having fun doing it. This hoop diving act was made for a Circus Center online performance that highlights queer creators made in honor of Pride month.

Artist Information:  Yasmina is a member of the San Francisco Youth Circus.

Project information:  This act was featured in Circus Center’s online show PRISMATICA: Pride 2021.  Full show can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/OMPVodai6j8.