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San Francisco, CA
BAVC Media provides access to media making technology, storytelling workshops, a diverse and engaged community of makers and producers, services and resources.

Title: White Friends

Artist: Nathan Aurellano

Length: 5:22

Synopsis: A voicemail for my friend.

Title: Everything I Wanted To Say

Artist: Clarisse Aruino

Length: 4:09

Synopsis: Experience the unspoken story of many women, highlighting
controversial ideals set for women. In a world dominated by men, I
hope to amplify the voices of women, especially with a Filipina background.

Title: Like Nothing Happened

Artist: Maggie Feng

Length: 1:49

Synopsis: Short animation about the recent upsurge of xenophobic remarks
toward Asians due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this project, I wanted a
very sketchy output and paper type aesthetic. There is a typical stereotype
that Asians tend to stay quiet in situations and have things brushed off,
by doing this project, it is a way to say their silent words.

Title: Sirron Norris (Mission Murals And The Stories They Tell)

Artist: Aiden Jennings

Length: 6:16

Synopsis: This short film profiles Sirron Norris, a local Mission
District muralist, and takes a look at how the neighborhood has changed
over the years.


Artist: Axel Bautista-Tienda

Length: 4:31

Synopsis: Over the past few months, I have lost all motivation and
I don’t think I will be finding it any time soon. Is it real?
Or am I looking for the wrong thing?


Artist: Debbie Saefong

Length: 4:55

Synopsis: I’m a homebody. When you don't feel like leaving your house.
According to Google, a homebody is “a person who likes to stay at home,
especially one who is perceived as unadventurous.”

Title: Gustavo’s World

Artist: Lottie Pacheco

Length: 5:31

Synopsis: A reflexive documentary based around the Pacheco grieving
their unconventional loss of their eldest boy.

Title: Small Town Talent

Artist: Olive Read, Eve Nudd, Madeleine Wilson, Genevieve Pacoe, Sophie Hess

Length: 8:43

Synopsis: When an opportunity to share their talents through a local talent show comes along, several egocentric characters learn that the world is not their oyster.

Title: Like Sounds Underwater

Artist: Kayline Sarmiento

Length: 1:22

Synopsis: A young hard of hearing woman learns to embrace self-love, and realizes her own mysticism within a society that often misunderstands her.

Title: I Need A Break

Artist: Waverly Wong

Length: 4:17

Synopsis: Follow Waverly through her quarantine burnout and how she copes with it.

Title: The Flower Sermon

Artist: Emily Trinh

Length: 4:39

Synopsis: A collection of sounds and emotionscape guides the viewer on a meditation of life and pursuit.

Title: Gender Gaps in Research 

Artist: Maddy Morris

Length: 6:29

Synopsis: A short informational film about gender and race discrepancies in various areas of STEM research. It aims to educate on where these gaps originate from, examples of inconsistencies and how they affect our day to day lives. Especially in this time of great reliance on our healthcare systems, it is vital to understand the research that supports today’s medical standards.

Title: You’re Beautiful!

Artist: Isabel Wong

Length: 1:49

Synopsis: This short animation showcases the beauty of the human face. Starting with a face representing the modern-day beauty standard for women, facial features repeatedly change throughout the animation to show the unique beauty every different individual has. Some points in the animation pause to appreciate the beauty of specific races.

Title: Control Climate Change

Artist: Ashley Duong

Length: 5:01

Synopsis: This film is about an email supposedly sent to us, here in 2021, from the future. The sender, our future Secretary of Agriculture, warns us about the horrible effects of climate change.

Title: Curls and a Tangled Mystery

Artist: Olive Read

Length: 5:34

Synopsis: This film puts a spin on the scooby franchise and incorporates mine and many other curly hair girls experience with people constantly touching our hair.

Title: Interesting Dad

Artist: Tobey Ling-Winick

Length: 5:50

Title: Jasmine’s Book

Artist: Ashley Kumar, Chloe Meyer, Jenna Miller, Bahar Karakucuk, Riley Blankenship, Emily Trinh

Length: 8:04

Synopsis: Lonely as Valentine’s Day approaches, a young woman falls in love with a book and becomes convinced that her soulmate is among the list of people who’ve checked it out.

Title: Girl, Imperfect

Artist: Robyn Khaund, Eleanor Stern, Laurel Yardley, Anna Van Riesen, Chloe Burcell

Length: 5:18

Synopsis: In the pseudo-documentary "Girl, Imperfect" four teenage girls from four different decades process their experiences, emotions, and what it means to be a young woman in their day and age.